VMware and Accenture have taken a step forward in their existing partnership. They have launched a dedicated VMware business unit within Accenture. The partnership will also move forward, inviting 2,000 professionals with expertise in cloud migration, hybrid cloud, cloud-native, application modernization, and security, the company claimed in a statement.

The duo will invest in joint go-to-market and sales operations, and simultaneously, they will also train more Accenture practitioners in VMware technologies. There will also be new service offerings underpinned by VMware technologies and a joint offering helping telecommunication companies accelerate their 5G and edge computing services. Both companies will also launch a specialized VMware Cloud Migration Factory for faster computing workload migrations.

Accenture said that the collaboration is planned to span for more than two decades. Thus, it is a multi-year, multi-million-dollar investment from the two companies.

This deal is in sync with Accenture’s newest business unit named Cloud-First; it is where the company plans to invest USD 3 billion for three years to help customers get help from the cloud and digitize operations. The big tech bets that it can grow the cloud revenue faster via SaaS, platform services while moving the customers to cloud infrastructure.

“Cloud is the single most powerful tool for mastering change,” said Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture. “As organizations accelerate their move to the cloud and edge over the next few years, the Accenture VMware Business Group will help deliver the speed, scale and security they need to fundamentally reinvent their businesses and create more value.”