Google has introduced an application center, a bare-metal service for businesses that do not find cloud to be a solution for their complicated workload. Businesses deal with several applications that need specialized software and hardware, and moving such applications on cloud is costly and risky. Therefore, Google has come up with a Bare Metal Solution to such businesses that want to use cloud-based services along with dedicated hardware and software. 

Gurmeet Goindi, Google Senior Product Manager, said in recent blog post that the bare metal infrastructure is connected with a dedicated, low-latency, and highly resilient interconnect, and connects to all native Google Cloud services. The Bare Metal Solution uses OEM hardware that can be used to implement multiple enterprise applications. The business applications can be easily migrated to newly developed infrastructure, which would be faster and minimize the risk of migration.

The Bare Metal Solution is a complete integrated and managed solution for application support infrastructure. It consists of a managed hardware infrastructure that includes servers and the rest of the data center facilities such as power and cooling. Support contracts with Google Cloud and billing through the Google Systems and Service Level Agreement (SLA). The software that is deployed on machines is managed by the businesses using the application and not by Google. Bare Metal brings solutions for enterprises to support the specialized workload; applications will benefit from the cloud-based services accessing data on these systems.

Google wrote a blog post that certain specialized workloads require certified hardware, complicated licensing, and support agreements. It provides a solution to modernize an application’s infrastructure landscape, along with maintaining the existing investments and architecture. The service will provide minimum latency for the specialized workloads, allowing them to access and integrate with the GCP services.

Here are some of the benefits of the Bare Metal Solution:

1. SLA- Defined enterprise-grade SLA for hardware uptime and interconnected availability.

2. Managed Hardware infrastructure- End to end infrastructure management for computing, storage, and networking. It will include monitored environments such as power, cooling, and facilities.

3. Support and billing- 24*7 coverage for all priority 1 and 2 issues, unified billing across Google Cloud, and Bare Metal Solution.