• Microsoft’s novel cloud platform will allow telecom operators to build advanced 5G networks and aim to use artificial intelligence (AI) to power operations.

The US administration is encouraging big American enterprises such as Microsoft to engage with 5G, majorly after prohibiting China’s Huawei from its telecom network. 5G is an enhanced technology that promises to allow everything from self-driving to remote surgery and more automated manufacturing. The technology is helping to modernize the world.

Microsoft Corp. recently revealed a novel cloud platform to allow telecom operators to build 5G networks faster, reduce costs, and sell personalized services to business clients.

The novel platform will be on Azure, Microsoft’s flagship cloud computing business. This will help reduce overall infrastructure costs, giving agility to add services on demand and use artificial intelligence (AI) to power operations.

As per Yousef Khalidi, Corporate Vice President, Azure Networking, “This would cut costs by 30% to 40% in some cases.”

Earlier this year, the developer of Windows and Office software entered the 5G arena after it acquired cloud networking companies such as Metaswitch and Affirmed Networks.

Khalidi commented, “The telco DNA was obtained through those acquisitions and we went from a small number of engineers in this space to literally hundreds of engineers.” Further, he added, “On the other hand, the foundational pieces, including edge compute, we have had in a pipeline for many years.”

Microsoft is already associated with companies ranging from telecom operators such as AT and amp;T and Verizon to network equipment organizations such as Mavenir and Samsung. Microsoft has partnered with these companies to either use or sell the latest platform to patrons.

Microsoft’s move will increase competition for present 5G service vendors, including Nokia and Ericsson, as per Nicholas McQuire, Senior Vice President and Head of Enterprise Research at CCS Insight.