Enterprise cloud giant Oracle has added the feature of the bare metal instance to its Oracle cloud infrastructure service. The bare metal means that now customers can buy rented servers from Oracle without having to invest in any other software. This is linked to GPU-based instances based on Nvidia’s -100 tensor core devices and HGX-1 appliances. To differentiate itself from competitors such as AWS, Google and Microsoft bare metal are highly suitable for high-performance computing (HPC). The servers are linked using Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) network. The problem with such services is the applicability and price as most of the users who are currently using the on-premise environment and require a data center to store its data usually will opt for bare metal instance.

Oracle is allowing customers to rent single tenant physical servers in its data center. Oracle a company primarily known for its software products is offering the customers something different, bare metal would be totally free from any interference. It would not contain any pre-installed software or operating system, giving the users the ability to maintain the compatibility with a running process.

Oracle bare metal is currently powered by the RDMA- this technology allows the servers to share their memory without any involvement of processor, cache, or operating system. The user can directly use the servers and maintain it without adopting any new technology barriers.