On March 16, 2021, the pioneer brand of storage technology, Pure Storage, said the software for managing public cloud block storage is available on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service, which will be an addition to Pure’s existing offering for Amazon AWS. Pure stands up as a company that could manage the multi-cloud needs of the consumer.

Customers can use the Pure Cloud Block Store software to replicate data from on-premise storage to cloud storage services, thus creating clones of data volumes. Pure also attempts to exploit money that was saved by reducing management complexity for organizing individual data volumes. Also, it uses the money saved while lowering the total cloud storage used.

Pure Storage’s CEO and Chairman, Charles Giancarlo, said, “The company’s aims to make its Portworx software, which it picked up with the acquisition of the startup of that name last October, into an industry standard for building cloud-native storage.”

The company was founded in 2009 to sell dedicated flash memory-based storage arrays, called FlashArray. It also rolled out subscription software that offers a combination of on-premise equipment, private and hybrid cloud deployments, and some software-only services.