Portworx by Pure Storage, a leading provider of Kubernetes Data Services Platform, announced teaming up with IBM to enable OpenShift-based data services to run in the hybrid cloud environment with data protection, performance, mobility, and data security on IBM Cloud Satellite. IBM Cloud Satellite is readily available, helps clients to run IBM cloud services on any cloud platform, on-premises, in multi-cloud environments, or at the edge. This facility will help bring cloud capabilities to a place where client data resides, in any environment of choice, while maintaining a user experience, consistency, and security.

With the open architecture, IBM Cloud Satellite builds on IBM’s deep industry expertise. It can help enterprises from various industries, including banking, insurance, travel, telecommunications, healthcare, transportation, transform into digital-first organizations.

According to a recent IBM Institute for Business Value report, 74% of CEOs interviewed during the COVID-19 pandemic have a strong feeling that cloud computing will help their organization deliver the results in the next 2–3 years.

Portworx by Pure Storage is a part of IBM’s ecosystem of partners nurturing cloud environments by helping clients manage and upgrade workload from bare-metal to multi-cloud and everything in between with Red Hat OpenShift. IBM Cloud Satellite is designed to offer clients the flexibility to take the applications to environments where data lives while ensuring the security of IBM Cloud.

IBM Cloud Satellite intends to address the client’s local regulations and compliance regulations by allowing them to deploy and manage applications while maintaining consistency for specific markets. It is also designed to help clients address privacy, security, and data sovereignty based on their data governance requirements. IBM Cloud Satellite offers a greater level of control over critical data delivered via IBM Cloud. Additionally, it provides a greater level of control on essential data and centralized policies so that migration can be smooth and easy.

“With the pace of cloud adoption accelerating, companies are increasingly turning to hybrid cloud to allow them to innovate more efficiently while maintaining high levels of security and control,” said Harish Grama, General Manager, IBM Cloud.

“To help facilitate this momentum, IBM is investing $1B in its ecosystem initiative over the next three years to support ecosystem partners and speed the development of platforms such as IBM Cloud Satellite. Collaborating with ecosystem partners like Portworx by Pure Storage can help offer a wider set of clients new ways of bringing IBM Cloud to where their data resides,” he added.

“Portworx’s collaboration with IBM on IBM Cloud Satellite recognizes the value we place in providing IBM Cloud customers with access to Kubernetes storage, data protection, and data security platform solutions, regardless of location,” said Murli Thirumale, Vice President and General Manager, Portworx by Pure Storage.

“Whether it’s on-premises, the public cloud, or both, Portworx works across data center environments to enable customers to embrace hybrid cloud for demanding enterprise workloads,” he added.