Seagate and Equinix are collaborating to extend the functional ability of Seagate’s new storage-as-a-platform Lyve Cloud and turn up interconnect capabilities of cloud services to drive expansion.

We can categorize this platform as an S3-compatible storage-only cloud designed to combine mass capacity HDD innovation so that enterprises can make better use of the data. Initially, it will be available in the US, and it will eventually roll out to the rest of the countries in the future.

Seagate’s Executive Vice President, Storage Services and Chief Information Officer Ravi Naik explains, “According to Seagate’s Rethink Data report, as much as 68% of data available to enterprises goes unused. By providing a reliable and cost-efficient cloud storage solution at the metro edge, closer to where their data is generated, Lyve Cloud lets enterprises store and activate their data at scale, securely and efficiently.”

Seeing a lot of data that remains unused, Seagate created the concept to build a platform that enables the organizations to use scrap data.

Lyve cloud infrastructure can be situated in close proximity of Equinix Metal or within Equinix International Business Exchange data centers. From a company perspective, it can create opportunities for data to feed into the edge and cloud-based applications for both multi-cloud and hybrid architectures.

Equinix Chief Strategy Officer Eric Schwartz says, “We see a lot of synergy in collaborating with Seagate to help our customers increase their digital advantage.”

“Leveraging Lyve Cloud and Platform Equinix, customers have an optimised, cost-effective object storage option to make their cloud truly composable. Equinix’s position at the Metro Edge enables Lyve Cloud to address use cases that demand data storage and activation, accelerating digital transformation initiatives such as disaster recovery, hybrid and multi-cloud, storage for bare metal services, AI and machine learning.”

Lyve Cloud is known for offering privacy, no lock-in, and no-egress fees, allowing customers to get complete control of their data while reducing TCO for storing massive datasets. Lyve Cloud’s ISO27001 and SOC2 are the two certifications that easily meet the data security needs of enterprise customers and ensure all-time encryption for data that is on rest as well as in-motion.

“As CIO, three things I most seek from any solution are predictability, security, and no lock-ins,” notes Lattice Semiconductor CIO Sudhakar Chilukuri.

“Lyve Cloud features fit these needs very well. We don’t have to replace anything but can add Lyve Cloud for certain data workloads. It’s critical to choose a cloud storage strategy that has transparent pricing, no ingress, and egress fees, and is reliable and performant.”