Cloud is considered as one of the fastest growing technology for data storage. Cloud allows the data access to be improved with remote and security features that are added. Though cloud solutions have improved the productivity for many enterprises, legacy storage facilities still hold a key point. It’s expected that by 2020 we will be having only 30 percent of the sensitive data on the cloud storage.  One of the major barriers for enterprises is the lack of clear solutions that can be customized according to the enterprise requirements. One such factor is the Egress cost. Egress cost is the amount charged when an enterprise or individual moves anything out of the cloud storage. Usually, it’s the service charge that is being paid to the provider to maintain the data and also remove the data. However, the individual or the organizations have to pay none to put the data on the cloud. It’s sure to incentivize the data stored on the cloud even if the data seems to be of no use on the cloud.

Since the implantation of the Egress cost every time you move your data from the cloud to any other location it costs money even if it’s few cents per terabytes. This has started to make the cloud an expensive solution for the data storage when the enterprises constantly decide to move the data from one location to the other every time. ver, none of the enterprises have come forward about the Egress cost that could affect their storage solutions. It still seems that many of the enterprises feel that egress cost can be reduced with storage solutions for the applications rather than the information.