It has taken a length of time for enterprises to adopt cloud to store their business data on servers and also the security of the cloud. Progress has been slow in terms of adoption; AWS was first launched in 2006. Cloud storage and production workload comprise half of the functions for all IT processing in the United States (US).

Here are certain key points to focus to make cloud utilization easy for enterprises:

1. Service Option: It’s easy to get carried while implementing a new technology across the platform, but having an end goal in mind what you want to achieve through the implementation will make your decision-making process easier. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) both will offer you management solutions and reducing your cost of infrastructure.

2. Application Monitoring and management: Application Performance Management (APM) is key for many organizations while switching to the cloud. If the applications have performance and usability issues customers or employees can become frustrated. So IT team needs to understand the requirement of memory and performance.

3. Availability: Up-time of cloud server can be a factor which affects the organizations that need real-time data.  A hospital application cannot be down for any minute under any circumstances. Usually, cloud vendors provide a backup server to have zero-affect service during maintenance downtime.

4. Security: Security or in better words access and identity management, transferring sensitive data onto the cloud can be a humongous business decision and with this security of the data becomes of prime importance for enterprises using the cloud. Two or Three step authorization is now used for better security on the cloud.