Coca-Cola plans to launch a new digital delivery center in Johannesburg. The recruitment of the digital delivery center will take place soon and hire people for data analytics and software engineering roles. About two months ago, Coca-Cola created a new digital hub in Dublin to help accelerate the digital transformation, generate 40 job profiles in the first phase.

This hub is one of the best digital hubs in Dublin. Also, it has created jobs for data engineers, software developers, technical experts, and data analysts. The recruitment process is ongoing and will continue until all the requirements are fulfilled.

Johannesburg creates the list and serves as the example of Coca-Cola’s savvy investment across the global digital network. And just like any other service center, this team’s efforts will also focus on using analytics, digital insights, smart digital marketing, and business intelligence to improve the consumer experience.

The digital hub of Dublin will play a supporting role in Africa’s maturation process until Johannesburg becomes strong enough to accept the local challenges and offerings that bring up innovative and scalable solutions.

The initial recruitment focus lies in the data and analytics front, followed by software engineers and developers representing the broad talent playground. Every delivery center gives exciting opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute to Coca-Cola’s journey to be a great technology leader.

“We are looking for people who want to be part of building something – creating a strong community from the ground up,” said Sue Liderth, Vice President, Regional Delivery for Europe, Middle East, and Africa Regions.

“That kind of experience instills a lot of pride – not only in one’s work, but also for the company and the communities in which we work, live, and serve.”

Africa is also another player in this tech scene and complements the focused and global initiative.