IDC recently announced Yellowfin as a most innovative company for Next-generation advanced analytics in  2018 for Asia/Pacific region. To become one of the top most companies with innovation at its core, Yellowfin met the criteria of bringing innovative technology to the market- Yellowfin Signals. It proves that Yellowfin is a company when it comes to data analytics solutions in the industry. Glen Rabie, CEO of Yellowfin, said in a statement that we are proud to be recognized by IDC and by many other research organizations as an innovator in the analytics market. With our new Yellowfin Signals and Yellowfin Stories products have changed the business functions across the complete domain. They share their data and insights for better results and create actionable data for next steps.

IDC innovators are awarded to the emerging vendors with revenue less than US$100 million that have demonstrated a groundbreaking ability to develop a business model or innovative new technology or both. Yellowfin is one of three vendors in data analytics space to make in the IDC list from the Asia/ Pacific region. Yellowfin’s automated data discovery and signals that have placed the vendor on top of the list. The new product enables users to receive an automated, personalized, and relevant analysis of business data. The process is completely automated that attains without requiring manual data discovery.

Thomas Jing, Associate market Analysts of Big data, analytics and Cognitive/ Artifical Intelligence for IDC at Asia/ Pacific region said in a statement that releasing the shortage of data scientists talent with in-depth domain expertise; enterprises have turned towards the advanced analytics solutions. It will assist them in overcoming unique challenges about different requirements of an industry. The intelligent solutions with machine learning capabilities can simplify the implementation process as they constantly look for improvement in workflows and deployment of applications.