• AmazingMall Africa, an online marketplace, launched in Africa
  • AmazingMall supports locally-owned businesses
  • The online marketplace sells brands ranging from food and beverages to footwear, clothes, and more

Africa welcomes AmazingMall Africa; a new online marketplace launched to help and support small businesses operating in the country while working toward progress in digital technology post the pandemic.

Details about AmazingMall Africa

AmazingMall Africa is an online marketplace engineered to support locally-owned small businesses to help communities grow and prosper. The brand-new online market sells a variety of quality African brands ranging from food and beverages to personal care, apparel, footwear, and more.

The online platform is built to bring African entrepreneurs together on one platform and handpick businesses that are growing basis personal efforts, passion, and integrity, so that customers can buy and experience quality products from the hassle-free, secure, and trusted platform.

The outburst of the pandemic and scary numbers associated with the contagion has caused a significant increase in eCommerce and digital growth globally, including Africa, with lots of potential in the market.

AmazingMall Africa’s creator is an Economics student named Sibulele Mene, who developed the marketplace to aim at that potential. Furthermore, the marketplace is engineered and developed with a vision to grow as the best seller of African products locally and globally and establish an environment that opens up newer opportunities for African entrepreneurs.

Africa is said to be a lean economy, focusing on digital transformation and the use of eCommerce to eradicate the problem of poverty in rural areas across the country. It also aims at building an ecosystem that will enable African entrepreneurs to produce quality brands and sell them across the globe at any point in time.