Best Buys collaborates with Google Cloud to foster its ongoing digital transformation strategy. The retailer of consumer electronics announced its working with Google Cloud to bring the data from various sources and leverage the same to provide a more personalized shopping experience for consumers.

It is a multi-year agreement wherein Google Cloud will become a cloud provider for Best Buy’s data enterprises and optimize its operations across Mexico, the US, and Canada. After unifying the data, Best Buy will then use Google Analytics, AI models, and machine learning to launch and offer new retail services.

“Retailers like Best Buy are accelerating their digital transformations in order to deliver new products and services to customers,” Google Cloud Chief Thomas Kurian said in a statement. “Using Google Cloud’s scalable and secure infrastructure, and leading data and analytics solutions, Best Buy will be able create new insights from their data, enabling them to innovate now and into the future.”

And with all these omnichannel efforts to help the organization evolve has shown that Best Buy can compete in a tough retail space and become more efficient. The retailer chain claim to be benefited from multichannel investments made in recent years.

Best Buy CEO Corie Barry said, “We have taken the opportunity to accelerate aspects of our strategy as this environment has quickly shifted the ways in which customers interact with retailers.”

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and better understanding their needs will help us create new, more meaningful experiences for them,” said Brian Tilzer, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Best Buy. “Partnering with Google Cloud and the impressive capabilities its platform offers will help make these experiences a reality.”

It is observed that Google Cloud and Best Buy are committed to developing new capabilities. The collaboration is expected to generate positive results for Best Buy’s digital strategy and take them a level ahead in their digital transformation journey.