• NetBlaze, the marketing automation services provider, introduces agency partnership and white-label solution services to simplify digital marketing tasks and increase revenue flow for agencies across the country.

Based-out of Chicago, NetBlaze is a digital marketing solutions company focused on delivering services to small businesses. On January 20, 2021, the company candidly shared news of the launch of its Agency Partnership services and white-label solution.

The company’s new update will help businesses simplify digital marketing tasks, help manage, grow their client base, and build unique revenue flows. The company offers this by providing NetBlaze’s white-labeled digital marketing services for existing and future clients to improve agency profits.

Steven Clayton, CEO and Founder of NetBlaze, commented on agency partnerships, “We know that running an agency can be overwhelming with SEO, social media algorithms and Google rankings constantly changing, making managing client accounts very time consuming and can quickly eat away at profits.”

He added, “By partnering with NetBlaze, agencies can give their customers the tools they need to conquer digital marketing and boost their revenue by outsourcing the solution to its paying customers. By following the recipe of the 80/20 rule—focusing on the most important tasks that get the best results in the least amount of time—digital marketing strategies can guarantee results and scale an agency all at once.”

NetBlaze offerings

The digital marketing solutions company delivers reasonably priced services to deal with several essential marketing efforts, including CRM (customer relationship management), social media management, SEO (search engine optimization), and reputation management. To deliver the best and most satisfactory results, the company focuses on about 20% of digital marketing efforts responsible for yielding approximately 80% of the most promising developments in a simple, inexpensive, yet effective way.

Overview of NetBlaze’s USP

Get started quickly

With no demand for any upfront investment, a free consultation with a partner relationship manager helps agencies embark on the journey without wasting any time.

More earnings

About 20% discount on agency partners’ market price and an opportunity to upsell NetBlaze adds to agency profits.

Dedicated account manager

Every agency can operate with an account manager as their key point of contact, which helps streamline efforts.

Central admin dashboard

This feature promotes all customers’ management from one place and assists clients with SEO, reviews, and more.

Comprehensive sales strategy

NetBlaze supports other agencies’ sell by offering white-labeled sales strategy, webinars, training, slide decks, and website copy.

(PS: white-labeled is a concept that refers to a fully supported product or service produced by one company but sold by another.)

Final output

Results and reports easily display the impact of digital marketing efforts by clients.

Steven Clayton added value by saying, “We strive to take the guesswork out of digital marketing and help small businesses, like restaurants and retail shops, get found, get customers and get results. With our comprehensive suite of digital marketing tools now available to our agency partners, more clients will get the results that matter.”

Overall impact of NetBlaze’s agency partnerships

NetBlaze’s agency partnerships give businesses the ability and freedom to white-label the solution with custom branding, website URLs, and more. This enables partners to upsell to their clients to improve service offerings and develop a new revenue stream.

Mentioning the price, NetBlaze is available for agencies at about 20% lesser pricing that amounts to USD 249 instead of USD 279, without any long-term contracts. Additionally, the company does not charge agencies until the first client is acquired. To add to its credibility, NetBlaze has a US-based development team and in-house support team.