EasyPro recently introduced OuiTrust, a digital wallet designed specifically for SMBs (small-to-medium-sized businesses), freelancers, and traders in Europe.

As per a press release, SMBs account for about 99.8% of businesses in the European Union trading block. Many of these businesses are underserved by traditional banking solutions, as they are not important for them and are often loaded with products and services that do not keep up to customer expectations.

OuiTrust is controlled and managed by Ryan Li and has a strong team of people who formerly have worked with institutions like BNP, RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland), HSBC, and Western Union.

The technology team is headed by the Ex-Chief Architect of Huawei Mobile Money, responsible for deploying M-Pesa, bKash, TCash, etc.

The solution

EasyPro, in a press release, mentioned that its digital wallet is a comprehensive set of banking services, including payment, collection, low-cost currency exchange, and customized card issuing. It also gives customers the liberty to choose from 30 currencies to send and receive funds and settle transactions locally in 20 currencies.

Additionally, platforms and standards EasyPro will support with the new product line consist, Faster Payments, UnionPay, SEPA INSTANTSEPAMastercard, WeChat PayAlipay, SWIFT, and Visa. Also, customers have the feasibility to apply for Mastercards linked to

OuiTrust wallets to be able to use them anywhere across the globe.

With the new solution, customers will be able to lock in exchange rates when setting up transactions.

The expert’s take

Solid (previously Wise) Co-Founder and CEO Arjun Thyagarajan said: “We’ve seen more and more standalone mom-and-pop businesses are now part of ecosystems. For example, a restaurant that was a standalone business is now part of DoorDash or Uber Eats. This is happening to all kinds of businesses across all verticals.”

This makes the new digital wallet even more essential.