GoCo adds to the capabilities of its HR platform with an introduction to revolutionary automation for reimagining HR tasks and checklists.

Founded in 2015, GoCo.io is a leading provider of cloud-based HR solutions that helps enterprises level-up with flexible onboarding, benefits, and payroll. The company recently broke the news of introducing a revolutionary feature with the potential to empower HR pros. This new addition to the HR platform looks promising. It is engineered to digitally reimage and automate HR workflows that cover essential HR activities such as onboarding, termination, performance reviews, employee requests, and multiple other HR-related processes.

The idea behind the innovation

Based on a survey conducted on HR professionals, GoCo found out that even today, a large number of small businesses still use traditional methods to manage checklists and several other HR processes. The survey also helped GoCo identify the fact that companies that reportedly have invested in dedicated software solutions for HR processes often make use of emails and spreadsheets at the time of onboarding, termination, and checklists as software at these companies are not flexible enough to support all the tasks and to-dos on the checklist.

To get a breakthrough and potential solution, GoCo worked toward building a feature that can work in favor of HR professionals and get the existing tasks and checklists to life digitally.

By deploying GoCo Workflows, businesses can simplify HR because they can now use the drag-and-drop editor functionality to create a workflow for every HR-related process. This feature also allows users to create tasks with unique assignments and due dates with the freedom and ease to track the status of every assignment in a jiffy.

CEO and Co-Founder of GoCo, Nir Leibovich, said, “We’re truly passionate about helping HR spend less time on manual processes, and our new Workflows feature is going to be a game-changer for automating those processes.” He adds, “Most importantly, we built Workflows to be ultra-flexible, so HR can not only automate any checklist, but they can be the architects of those flows, and build them in a way that’s tailored to their unique need.”

Considering the pandemic situation that is currently forcing businesses to rewire the way they operate, GoCo Workflows work toward the crisis and support the HR system of businesses to carry out remote employee onboarding, remote employee engagement, and also supports HR managers by making more time for them to work on more strategic business objectives.

“We started building Workflows before the pandemic, but since COVID-19 it’s become even more clear that HR needs to automate and digitize their to-do lists,” said Leibovich. “GoCo Workflows really delivers on that vision, and we’re excited to give HR pros the tools they need to support a remote or socially distanced workforce.”

Most common GoCo Workflows used for automation

  • Employee onboarding
  • Offboarding checklists
  • Performance evaluations
  • Employee surveys
  • Employee requests, such as salary amendments, promotions, equipment, etc.
  • New-hire orientation programs

Key features in the new HR Workflows

  • Drag and drop workflow templates
  • Dynamic task assignments and due dates
  • Insert rich text, forms, and documents
  • At-a-glance view of task statuses