• Overhaul divulges the launch of TruckShield.
  • Three main features of the TruckShield app – protect, manage, and improve.
  • TruckShield app reduces the risk and data complexity of the trucking industry to offer significant insurance savings.
  • Views of Barry Conlon, CEO and Founder at Overhaul, on TruckShield.

Overhaul launches risk management app, TruckShield

Texas, Austin-based tech start-up Overhaul divulges the launch of TruckShield, a risk management technology solution for North American motor carriers. Overhaul is a leading provider of risk management, real-time supply chain visibility, and intelligent technology.

About TruckShield app

The trucking industry’s first and only app-based risk management technology uses present motor-carrier fleet hardware to detect and fix costly behavior. The TruckShield app –

  • Identifies risky driving in real-time and implements the right coaching.
  • Digitizes and centralizes insurance, safety management, and fleet maintenance.
  • Shields against rapacious legal practices in the event of an accident to avoid costly situations.
  • Develops a data profile to display the fleet’s safety culture to insurers.

Three main features of TruckShield app:

  • Protection: protects an organization from the fallout of theft, poor driver behavior, and earlier out-of-control events.
  • Management: TruckShield is the best app management solution for managing crucial documents related to maintenance, insurance, and safety at one digital location.
  • Improvement: demonstrating a safety culture will help improve the relationship with insurers and motor carriers. It will also maintain records of maintenance performed, driver coaching, and insurance claims renewals digitally.

This latest risk-mitigation technology is a hassle-free technology as it requires no backend integration or installation. Moreover, it reduces the risk and data complexity of the trucking industry to offer significant insurance savings.

Did you know?

In the coming months, Overhaul is planning to develop a network of commercial alliances with insurance brokers and providers that will offer TruckShield users a benefit to access lower-cost, motor-carrier liability coverage.

Expert’s take

Barry Conlon, CEO and Founder at Overhaul, commented: “As an owner of a trucking company, I can uniquely relate to the frustration of rising premiums, year-over-year, and the constant threat of a catastrophic verdict that can wipe out a business.”

He further added, “TruckShield is going to be a game-changer for North American motor carriers because it can provide unparalleled vulnerability protection, as well as quick insurance claims and cost savings. Within minutes, trucking-company management can monitor who is and who isn’t driving safely.”