Twobird is finally launching after an early access beta version that rolled out in September 2019. It is an email application from Ginger Labs, the company behind the note-taking application Notability (emphasizes on making organizational tasks simpler and powerful).

The application comes out more powerful yet simple than ever before. The simple part is where it simplifies user-interface as it eliminates repeated signatures, a tidy up feature for cleaning the inbox, and easy unsubscribing. The place where it outstands is with the new features, such as adding collaborative notes and the creation of to-do lists directly in line with the emails.

This email application feels a lot more like a real-time communication tool that comprises reactions, @mentions, threaded comments for responding and updating things, instead of back-and-forth of emails. Though the features are already seen existing, the approach of making notes and to-do list is completely new.

However, to have access to these features, everyone in your team should be using the application Twobird. So, Ginger Labs is doing the best to make it easier for non-Twobird users to join in. For instance, the non-Twobirds should be able to view and edit the notes from the link shared.

The launch of the email application brings complete-cross platform support, with a web app along with iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows versions of the software available. Currently, Twobird only supports Gmail and G Suite accounts, and it is working on adding Outlook support in the future too. Though the applications are free to use currently, it may add premium paid tiers for bigger teams down the line.