IBM and Vodafone Business have announced a partnership to bring telecommunication and development closer. The new collaboration will help enterprises in Europe and around the world to innovate faster and solve the business challenges more easily. The venture will be able to tackle different situations and provide solutions to modern day requirements such as Upcoming technologies -5G and AI along with SDN domain.   

The users will now have complete access to the IBM cloud portfolio, along with its different solutions and offerings. The partnership will help the Vodafone customer’s access the IBMs managed services combined with Vodafone cloud and hosting unit. The partnership is set to yield around $550 million and will be available for the eight years the new solutions will be co-developed by both enterprises also offering the already built solutions.

According to the statement, the partnership will act as an early stage startup and will be very responsive also should be able to deal with the rapidly changing environment and customer demands. The joint venture will be operational within six months.

President and CEO Ginni Rometty of IBM said in a statement that IBM has built world-class hybrid cloud facilities to satisfy enterprise requirements combined with AI and Security Capabilities. IBM and Vodafone will be using the power of the hybrid cloud to secure the business applications and driving the critical business applications.  The new venture will help to improve the offerings to help the enterprises improve the decision making, better automation and more personalized experience for the users.