Microsoft is working to bring out the new text prediction feature for Outlook. A similar feature was seen in Gmail’s smart compose.

The feature will allow users of Outlook and on the web to write emails to people using predictive text while they are typing an email. It is also revealed that Outlook users will get to see the list of suggestions with a tab or right arrow on the keyboard. They can select or just ignore the suggestions written on the list. Microsoft is planning to roll out the feature later this month and is listed among Microsoft 365 feature roadmap.

Another feature in the pipeline is “send later” for Outlook on the web that will allow users to save the email for sending it out in the future. The feature is currently “in development” mode and can probably be used from the start of July.

In addition to these features, Microsoft has rolled out a new feature called ‘Reply All Storm Protection’ in Office 365 worldwide. It simply blocks replies if the user has used Reply all option for ten times and sent more than 5,000 messages within an hour.

So, with Microsoft rolling out so many features, it will be no surprise if we get a few more most awaited bunch of features during the lockdown.