AT and amp;T, Ericsson, the American and Swedish multinationals, are giving businesses an additional tool in their networking offering. Along with AT and amp;T Private Cellular Network, users can now leverage infrastructure by Ericsson engineered for localized cellular core and access network, facilitated by Citizens Broadband Radio Systems or CBRS shared spectrum.

AT and amp;T’s on-premises edge portfolio along with AT and amp;T Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) is bolstering to deliver intense additional private cellular solutions Private networks such as MEC and this new localized CBRS solution alleviates latency and improves security and control by processing local data on a business site’s premises rather than routing it over public networks.

What’s in store?

AT and amp;T Private Cellular Networks are ready to be backed with Ericsson’s Industry Connect to empower a private CBRS network. These networks are engineered with a purpose for selected use cases in industrial environments such as factories and warehouses along with remote locations such as mines.

Additionally, Ericsson’s Industry Connect platform offers an advanced solution to empower businesses with a clear route to 5G. This new cellular connectivity option enlarges AT and amp;T’s portfolio of highly secure and trustworthy on-premises coverage with predictable latency that is designed to support high device density.

With the advent of CBRS ad software-centric facilities, finalizing the right private cellular networking strategy can be complex. AT and amp;T is here to support enterprises to make wise selections and add value to network solutions.

Robert Boyanovsky, VP Enterprise Mobility, AT and amp;T Business, said, “It’s always been about options for our customers, especially as they are innovating faster than ever.” He added, “We’ve been expanding our networking capabilities, and this is a new way for businesses to explore what they can do with private cellular networks – including on-premises edge computing and connecting more IoT devices.”

More about the collaboration

AT and amp;T and Ericsson, in the past, have collaboratively worked on a variety of innovation projects ranging from communication to entertainment services and plan to bring connectivity solutions to cater to business needs.

Jeanette Irekvist, Head of Canada Customer Unit at Ericsson, said, “Working with AT and amp;T to integrate Ericsson Industry Connect into AT and amp;T Private Cellular Networks allows both companies to further strengthen our collaboration. We’re leveraging our innovation platform to accelerate the digital transformation of industries and provide cost-efficient private network solutions.” She adds, “As the industry and ecosystem evolve, we see a need for a wide range of solutions that can address diverse operational, business, and commercial requirements.”