AMD will soon be licensing its graphics technology to Samsung, that soon will be making its use for most of the future mobile chips. Samsung will pay AMD for access to its newly announced RDNA graphics architecture. The new graphics technology is expected to build around its own ARM-based Exynos processors; wherein RDNA will be able to power AMD in the upcoming Navi desktops GPUs.  The new combination of a mobile tech company and graphics company is to develop yet another platform for AMD that will be called home.

Radeon graphics is mostly related to the laptops and desktops based graphics technology however over time the technology is used in gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox One and will also be used in Google’s upcoming cloud gaming service Stadia. What has been surprising is that some of the AMD based graphics technology can also be found in certain Intel-based CPUs.

The rising demand for graphics technology in the mobile devices has made many mobile makers approach graphics technology providers, to make technology that can be supported across all mobile devices.  Samsung Currently uses ARM-designed Mali GPUs, which will likely be replaced by AMD’s RDNA architecture. Samsung uses the Exynos chips; such chipsets does not come to every country that Samsung sells its phones in.  The South African manufacturer tends to release phones with different chipsets in various countries.  Most of the world gets access to handsets with its new Exynos chips, but in countries such as China, US, Canada, Japan, and Latin America the Samsung uses Qualcomm Snapdragon processors along with Adreno-branded GPUs. What is more interesting to know is that current graphics technology that is provided by Qualcomm to Samsung was initially owned by AMD but sold in 2009.