• Ascent360 will support Bicycle Sport Shop to sell and rent bicycle equipment online in Texas.
  • The virtual marketing approach will help Bicycle Sport Shop to boost business in the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The retailer will work with Ascent360 to connect with new clients and fulfill their requirements virtually.

A foremost Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider, Ascent360, publicized its new client, Bicycle Sport Shop (BSS). Ascent360 is known for its record of boosting sales for independent bicycle dealers (IBDs). This is the reason why a premier bicycle retailer in Austin, Texas, Bicycle Sport Shop, selected Ascent360.

Bicycle Sport Shop is a five-location bike retail chain that sells and rents cycling equipment and bicycles in the Austin, Texas area, to riders of all ages. Being an active representative in its community, it hosts demos, rides, clinics, and classes throughout the Austin area. Demos help consumers to get extended test rides; Bicycle Sport Shop arranges rides such as Real Ale Ride for Real Ale Brewing Co., women’s social rides, and offers maintenance services for cyclocross, road, mountain, and other bicycles.

Services offered by BSS:

  • Fix a bike
  • Trade a bike
  • Fit a bike

However, the COVID-19 impact has changed the consumer engagement and services, such as in-store shopping; and classes and other events have been postponed. The retailer will work with Ascent360 to recognize the arrival of new clients seen over the previous few months to fulfill their requirements better and avert lapsing. Thus, the association with Ascent360 will help Bicycle Sport Shop to expand business in pandemic via virtual marketing crusades. “This will help them build virtual relationships through distinct marketing campaigns,” commented Ashley Hitson, Creative and Marketing Director at Bicycle Sport Shop.

“Our goal is to provide a welcoming space for anyone interested in riding a bike,” Hitson commented. “We love riding bikes, and we’re here to share the joy of cycling with everyone, whether they’ve been riding for years or are just starting out.”

“We’re known for our personalized service at Bicycle Sport Shop, and Ascent360 will help us virtually recapture that spirit,” commented Hill Abell, Owner of BSS. “Communicating with customers on an individual level allows us to provide great service, even while in-person interactions are limited.”

“Maintenance packages and gear add-ons are other key revenue drivers for IBDs,” commented Scott Buelter, President at Ascent360.

Ascent360 will help Bicycle Sport Shop to drive virtual campaigns to amplify the purchasing power of present consumers. The virtual platform will support Bicycle Sport Shop to increase revenue in this coronavirus pandemic situation. A virtual platform will simplify the process of shopping without visiting the store.

“Authentic marketing begins with knowing your customers,” Buelter commented. “Ascent360 offers rich insights that help retailers like Bicycle Sport Shop harness the power of customer data they already have, driving revenue growth year over year.”

The COVID-19 has shown a negative impact on several industries. However, one sector has seen a positive change – independent bicycle dealers (IBDs). With gyms, schools, and offices closed, IBDs have witnessed the rise in bike sales by about 70%.

About Ascent360

Ascent360 is a foremost Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider that partners with mid-market business-to-consumer (B2C) industries. The company helps to enrich and cleanse data into a single CDP to understand the data better.