LeanData a leader in lead matching, routing, and attribution for sales data. The company provides enterprises with the best context to deal with lead information. Recently the company launched a new product that is Time-based routing innovation that would lead to better routing solution for the enterprises.

A timely lead assignment and notification can help the enterprise to solve the problem of the prospective lead at a faster pace and also increase the revenue. The makes the lead assignment easy to any of the sales representative and also the tracking of the lead for better following-up. The new feature that’s been added for the enterprises will provide faster conversions for the lead till revenue.

Enterprises that want to tap in the high growth path are facing with a challenge how can a potential lead be routed to a sales representative that is most appropriate. The responsive time and decision making are important while tapping into any of the poetical clients.

Using the LeadData Time-Based Routing sales team can reroute the leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities. If some of the leads are missed out or the lead hasn’t been responded within a day the Team Leader can alert the sales reps via email. The sales teams will be able to avoid the lead stagnation or slip-ups with dedicated notifications for each lead.