ABB, a multinational tech company, has launched a virtual reality-based system that works toward improving efficiency and safety across industrial sectors to help workers involved in the maintenance and operation of machinery.

What is the ABB’s Virtual Reality (VR) system all about?

Known as ABB Ability Augmented Field procedures, the system has a mobile app and a set of Microsoft HoloLens VR goggles that are engineered to guide workers with necessary instructions to operate the machinery they are working on. The system also breaks stereotypes and replaces traditional forms of communication with enabled interaction between individuals with a projected field.

Its role in the offshore industry

ABB’s VR (virtual reality) system is designed to be used across a wide range of industrial sectors. And most importantly, the offshore industry is the one that can significantly benefit from the system by enabling premium, rapid, and effective forms of communication in the isolated nature of the offshore industry setup.

Additionally, the system has the potential to operate in sync with the already existing communications infrastructure. ABB is positive about the results and is optimistic about improvements in operational efficiency.

Inclusive of several applications aimed at improving operational safety, the ABB’s VR tech system makes detailed information available to workers in real-time and helps address some of the miscommunication and information shortage issues that have made a difference to the offshore industry in the past years.

As per a 2012 EU (European Union) report, it is observed that the “existence of high-level technology standards” and the “existence of a common format for reporting accidents, incidents, and near-misses” would be amongst the core improvements to be made across the offshore sector to streamline responses to accidents and dangerous events. However, implementation of new technologies and combining its system with existing communications networks, ABB plans to nail both these goals.

Chris Naunheimer, ABB’s Energy Industries Digital Lead, stated, “Engineers spend considerable time using and interpreting data.” He added,  “With this solution, we intend to address these challenges and truly transform the future of work.”