• The platform launches with a comprehensive set of popular integrations, including Google GCP and GKE, Azure VMS and AKS, and AWS EC2 and EKS.
  • The CloudNatix platform is capable of abstracting clusters of machines, even clouds, and aggregating and stitching them all together as a single whole to create a giant warehouse-scale cluster.

Creator of Linux Containers and pioneers of the Google Borg and Apache Mesos cluster managers recently announced the general availability of its CloudNatix Platform.

The platform is touted to be the first planet-scale cluster management software in the industry that’s delivered as a service. It has been designed explicitly to manage large, distributed, heterogeneous fleets of compute resources as a single unit to deliver outstanding performance and greater efficacy at lower costs.

It is the first platform that connects consumers’ cloud accounts, existing Virtual Machines (VM), on-premise datacenter deployments, or Kubernetes clusters. Further, the platform combines these resources into pools of compute resources across various clusters.

Thereafter, the CloudNatix Platform autopilots common infrastructure operations and capacity optimization, thus facilitating hyperscale infrastructure efficiencies to organizations across the world who are faced with the challenge of managing a diverse fleet of compute resources.

The platform launches with a comprehensive set of popular integrations, including Google GCP and GKE, Azure VMS and AKS, and AWS EC2 and EKS.

The CloudNatix Platform can abstract clusters of machines in a cloud or data center by pooling resources across the clusters so that they behave like one gigantic warehouse-scale global computing system. This is done using patent-pending Autopilot technology to automate capacity optimization and bin-packing of resources. This makes it easy for the DevOps team to manage cloud and cloud-native apps without being bogged down by infrastructure management of a globally available distinct set of clusters.

Key abilities of the CloudNatix platform

  • Cluster management
  • Dashboard
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Multi-cluster operations manager
  • Workload and infrastructure autopilot
  • Logical Multi-Tenancy
  • Logical access
  • Command Line User Interface (CLUI)
  • It also supports other platforms, including –
  1. All modern versions of Linux- Redhat, CentOS, and Ubuntu
  2. All modern versions of Windows- Windows 2015, Windows 2019, and more
  3. On-cloud- Amazon AWS and EKS, Microsoft Azure and AKS, Google GCP and GKE
  4. On-premises- Bare metal and VMware (coming soon!)

The CloudNatix Platform comprises hardened elements around cost visibility, cost forecasting, cost attribution, enterprise security, multi-cluster secure access management, ML-powered insights, and capacity optimization using CloudNatix Autopilot, and other core abilities essential for enterprise production environments.

Experts’ take

Rohit Seth, Co-Creator of Linux Containers and CEO and Founder at CloudNatix, said, “This is a global cluster management system built by the team that helped create containers and hyperscale cluster management platforms. What we’ve built is designed to tackle the biggest inefficiencies in the cloud today, as both VMs and cloud-native applications consume compute resources, resulting in massive cloud bills and cloud waste.”

Seth added, “From compute resource optimization, to handling availability degradation, and everything in between, the mission of CloudNatix is to accelerate innovation with efficient infrastructure by leveraging automation to reduce cost and human toil, giving developers and DevOps engineers much better visibility into their global compute environment across multiple clusters while freeing them from low-level plumbing.”

Munu Gandhi, President and COO at ITsavvy, said, “Companies need to accelerate time to value in both the public and private clouds, unfortunately, they oftentimes struggle with higher costs in the public cloud, decreased performance of their workloads and lack the know-how to drive the required automation.  CloudNatix is a platform that addresses all of these challenges and enables their clients to achieve their business outcomes.”

Toshihiko Kono, Managing Director, CO-OP Tohoku Japan, said, “CloudNatix has helped us simplify our Cloud operations from the start by providing a unified efficiency dashboard for operations and cost management.”

Kenji Kaneda, Founding Member, Chief Architect at CloudNatix , said, “Most enterprises do not have a sophisticated planet-scale cluster manager like Google has that can manage multiple regions, clusters and even Autopilot workloads for efficiency and availability, CloudNatix platform is the next evolution of cluster management that aims to democratize Google-like efficiency and bring it to enterprises.”

Somik Behera, Co-Founding Head of Products at CloudNatix, said, “Our vision in building CloudNatix was to put multi-cloud infrastructure together with virtual machines and multi cloud-native applications on Autopilot, optimizing costs and reducing human toil.”