• Cybersecurity teams often use technical information about their companies’ systems to prevent breaches as part of their daily work.
  • The Balance Theory platform is intended to make it easier for administrators to obtain the technical information they require for their jobs.

The start-up – Balance Theory Inc. has secured a USD 3 million seed funding round for its platform, which allows businesses to save technical data about their cybersecurity systems.

This morning, the company made the said investment round announcement. The Maryland Technology Development Corporation joined DataTribe as a participant. DataTribe was the primary investor.

The Chief Executive Officer of Balance Theory, Greg Baker, said, “In our experience, organizations that focus on operationalizing knowledge and collaborate effectively internally, with partners, and the community, deliver more comprehensive and resilient cybersecurity programs that can keep pace with rapid industry change.”

Technical information regarding the breach prevention systems of their companies is frequently consulted, in the course of daily work, by cybersecurity teams.

An administrator may review the firewall’s configuration when troubleshooting a firewall error, for instance, to see whether there is a chance that a configuration problem is to blame!

Information regarding a company’s cybersecurity systems is also required for other duties, such as ensuring regulatory compliance.

Balance Theory offers a platform that enables businesses to keep crucial cybersecurity data at one location.

The platform is designed to make it easier for administrators to get the technical data they need for their jobs.

The organization offers integrations with well-known cybersecurity platforms. Companies can use the interfaces to send data about their cybersecurity infrastructure to the forum and update the data automatically as configuration changes are made. You may limit who has access to what data assets and how with built-in access controls.

According to the Balance Theory, cybersecurity experts can share multiple types of data assets using the platform. The start-up’s platform enables technical explainers to be shared, along with details about how cybersecurity systems are configured. A business could, for instance, compile a list of best practices on using fresh breach prevention software.

It also supports less technical papers. Administrators can build reports outlining the funding allotted to each cybersecurity endeavor and the software tools needed to carry it out using the Balance Theory’s platform.

In addition, the start-up offers tools that let various businesses exchange cybersecurity information with each other.

The DataTribe Managing Director John Funge said, “Balance Theory’s approach to driving connectivity and secure collaboration both within and between organizations has the potential to redefine the way security work gets done — dramatically impacting the entire cyber industry for the better. With increasing collaboration between government and private companies as well as a greater focus on cyber risk across industries and supply chains, the idea of collective defense continues to gain traction.”