Finanteq has introduced two new digital tools to break the physical presence of the customers visiting nearby branches. Both software are easy to use and will prove helpful for customers in performing digital banking.

Managing Director at Finanteq, Andrzej Sierpiński, says, “The number of bank branches has been decreasing for years. But as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, many organizations have closed branches completely. To help banks in overcoming the crisis we are offering two of our solutions free of charge till the end of the pandemic.”

The first tool introduced is the Pocket Branch. It is a remote channel where the bank customers can communicate through a video, audio, or text chat. The platform created for mobile and web applications will be available for the banks until the time COVID-19 pandemic ends.

The second tool offered is Extentum. It is a no-code tool for extending any digital banking in the pandemic days. This tool will help implement new features faster without the need for releasing newer versions for web and mobile systems. Amid COVID-19 outbreak, improvising such new features will help banks to digitize bank procedures that were possible to be undertaken in the physical branches until now.

“Due to the crisis, clients will seek answers on how to adjust to rapidly changing financial situations. Thanks to Pocket Branch, they can receive assistance quickly through a chat, screen-sharing or co-browsing,” says Artur Małek, Head of Marketing at Finanteq. “Our digital branch will also help in giving video advice to VIP customers, transferring documents or verifying clients and authorizing transactions,” he added.