Google announced the redesign of its Google Finance for both desktop and mobile usage. The new Google Finance experience will help in finding market trends, stock market data, and relevant news. It, thus, makes the system more manageable and easier to navigate.

Google Finance was launched almost ten years ago to help investors manage and check their stocks. Since then, it is consistently working, other than facing a major overhaul at the end of 2017.

Despite the massive overhaul, it will turn out to be a more artistic and visual change. Moreover, Google is of the view that the redesigning of the tool for sure will prove to be a practical benefit for users.

Redesigned features

Redesigning has made Google Finance look a bit more colorful. Highlighting with different colors will make stocks look different from each other as well as more noticeable. The earlier design made stocks look more like a list of search results.

Another major change is how the information is surfaced. The redesign includes added explanations and descriptions of the key terms and stats that enlarge when hovered over the terms.

With the statement, “understanding context is key to making informed investment decisions,” Google aims to make it look more accessible for users to find and compare information by keeping the organization updated.

Changes in watchlist features

The watchlist feature available in the current version of Google Finance is way more rudimentary. The updated version enables the user to create multiple watchlists, as well as provides with feed info on the top moving stocks across personal watchlist.

Design alterations to the watchlist feature allow users to stay up to date on stats, news, and earnings details that they actually want to know. This feature is introduced to provide context on stock movements and allow users to track trends of stock over time.

Google stated that later by the end of 2020, more features would be introduced to expand the watchlist feature, enabling users to build a personal portfolio and track daily gains and losses.

In the coming weeks, the redesigned Google Finance is coming to the US, followed by some more upgraded features.