Based out of Cyprus-Limassol, IronFX confirmed its plan of introducing a Virtual Fintech Accelerator Program that will be designed to support Fintech ventures. The company intends to do this by minimizing trading knowledge gaps.

IronFX is a trading platform that supports 1,200,000 traders across the globe and is involved in serving the retail and institutional customers in over 180-plus countries.

As a step forward in the right direction, the company earlier this month revealed its plans to start a new R and amp;D center in Mumbai, India, to work on developing trading technologies.

Role of Virtual Fintech Accelerator Program

The Virtual Accelerator Program is made to dedicatedly focus on enterprises that provide training and knowledge solutions to forex traders. The accelerator program will be accessible to pre-seed, seed, and round A start-ups across the world. The company will be involved in providing remote guidance and services to assist enterprises in the development and go-to-market modes.

Note: IronFX has not spoken about any capital commitment to accepted ventures into the program.

Spyros Teocallis, Chief Customer Officer at IronFX, mentions, “We tried to recognize the barriers people face when they want to start trading.” He adds, “People want to know exactly what is day trading before they start trading. We get that – people are trading their money here, and we want them to be as safe as possible. We know there is a forex trading stigma in society. IronFX is doing its best to prove it is not a scam and giving people as much information as possible to earn traders’ trust.”

Program details

The Virtual Fintech Accelerator Program is segregated into two parts, where the incubator is dedicated to early-stage start-ups, and the accelerator is developed for mature fintech companies.

Agenda of this program targets core growth issues faced by the business in areas such as R and amp;D, sales and marketing, business development and is created to connect founders with mentors and leading entrepreneurs.

Companies signing up for the program will be a part of the 3-month journey that is curated to offer essential support and resources to strengthen the business and grow internationally.

On the progress front, the company confirms that advanced negotiations with the pilot venture are already in place, and completion is expected to happen soon. Later, IronFX plans to add information related to the technology implemented with this venture as a proof of concept into its platforms.

Moving forward, the company plans to strategize to integrate new solutions within its beta testing offering.

Later, the same technologies are expected to be used to develop products specifically for leading financial service providers.