Meniga, an AI-driven digital banking solutions provider, recently joined hands with Swedbank, a Nordic-Baltic banking group in the home markets of Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, to introduce brand new services to enhance customer engagement.

The new digital banking solution engineered by the union of the two entities is now live within all of Swedbank’s markets. It is the pilot product stemming from the partnership. Deploying Meniga’s data-driven digital banking technology, the mobile bank app and the Internet Bank have been built to increase customer engagement and enhance the complete digital user experience of Swedbank’s customers.

The new functionalities, powered by personalized banking data, will deliver a new solution for everyday banking, supporting users to understand better and take charge of money matters (finances).

More about the solution

The brand-new solution depends on Meniga’s platform for the classification and development of all transaction data and account history. This particular aspect helps Swedbank customers with a more engaging and interactive experience allowing them access to real-time data on their expenditure pattern while preserving customer data integrity.

What does the new solution offer?

The new services boost Swedbank’s digital channels as an everyday financial advisor for its users and offer additional functionalities such as,

  • User-friendly budgeting and financial planning
  • Personalized insights and reports
  • Dynamic Google-like search for specific transactions
  • A new mobile bank app start page offering a personalized at-a-glance overview of a customer’s financial life

Note: The Swedbank’s brand-new digital banking solution is available free of cost via the Google Play and App Store.