Based out of Texas, Wallis Bank, even amid the coronavirus crisis, incessantly delivers digital banking services to its customers. These services help customers transfer money remotely and also allows access to an additional number of ATMs.

With technology on the front end, Wallis Bank customers can easily send or receive money in the digital and contact-free format by using Zelle, within the Wallis Bank Mobile App.

Zelle is a safe, secure, and fast way to send or receive money directly from a bank account in the US to another. This process takes about a few minutes when both parties are registered.

Additional offerings

Now debit cardholders of Wallis Bank have access to additional ATMs on the MoneyPass network surcharge-free. Customers of the bank can now use this hassle-free and easy way of looking up for an ATM just by entering the ZIP code or with the current location in the MoneyPass app or the website.

In addition to this, the bank offers TransferNow the account-to-account transfer solution.

TransferNow is an easy, safe, and secure method that customers can opt to transfer money to bank accounts registered in other financial institutions.

About Zelle

Engineered by Early Warning Services, LLC, which deals with developing innovative payment and management solutions, Zelle is a platform that facilities a safe and secure movement of money. The Zelle Network caters to financial institutions of every size.

About TransferNow

TranferNow is an online account-to-account transfer platform that enables customers to transfer funds between accounts and financial institutions securely.

About MoneyPass

MoneyPass is a platform that helps customers navigate through surcharge-free MoneyPass ATMs across the US with a technically packed MoneyPass Locator. The customer just needs to provide the ZIP code or current location for the instant service.