Closing the gap: Optimizing tax determination in the oil and gas industry

Closing the gap: Optimizing tax determination in the oil and gas industry

Published by: Research Desk Released: Jan 06, 2021

Duration: 38 minutes

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Simplify and streamline excise returns filing with excise tax automation

Preparing and filing excise returns is no easy task, especially for jobbers or small fuel suppliers. Preparing your monthly excise returns can be incredibly time consuming and getting it wrong, or not filing on time, can be risky.

For many small businesses, cost and the complexity of implementation have been a barrier to pursuing automated solutions, but Avalara now offers a simpler option just like the supermajors rely on. With Avalara’s automated excise returns solution, you’ll free up time for more critical tasks and drive efficiency, plus avoid the risks associated with manual preparation.

What you’ll learn:

  • Strategies to avoid costly mistakes or late filings
  • How to leverage content management for reporting purposes
  • What tools are available for simple integration
  • The benefits and value of automating excise motor fuels reporting for your business

Join Avalara’s John Beaty, GM of Avalara Excise, and Bubba Lange, VP of Solutions Engineering as they walk through the benefits of automating excise returns for small business fuel suppliers.

John Beaty
General Manager of Avalara Excise

John Beaty has more than 23 years of process technology consulting experience in the petroleum industry and 30 years of team development and organizational leadership.

John currently serves as the general manager for Excise at Avalara. His work experience covers a wide range of international business consulting, including adaptation of global ERP solutions, as well as energy trading and risk management systems.