Forrester: Your Employees Can Help You Get Control Over Spending

Forrester: Your Employees Can Help You Get Control Over Spending

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Published by: Research Desk Released: May 07, 2020

How Employee Mobile Apps Give Finance Control Over Hard-to-Manage Spend Categories

For finance executives, spend visibility and control has never mattered more. Gaining this control is the challenge. At the same time, you need to get the most from your employees and keep them focused on executing your strategy, whether they are working remotely or on site.

According to Forrester Research, one way to achieve these goals is to eliminate onerous, manual processes that not only distract employees from what’s most important, but also add to their frustration and stress.

Forrester’s survey found that 63% of respondents named travel, expense, and invoice management as the most important areas to focus on. Intuitive mobile apps can eliminate paper and manual data entry, feed data into connected finance systems, and automatically apply spend controls along the way. Automated invoice management can bring more control, compliance, and savings back to your business. And because all spend data is in one place, your finance team and budget managers can use roles-based dashboards and spend alerts to manage spending before it happens. The result is better visibility, better control, and better savings for your business.

Want to learn more – and understand why collaboration with IT and HR is essential to success? Read Forrester’s new paper, “Improve Travel, Expense, and Invoice Management to Drive Better Employee Experience.”