Healthcare Network Playbook

Healthcare Network Playbook

Published by: Research Desk Released: Nov 29, 2023

A large, distributed network such as a healthcare system’s carries huge risks – and those risks are only getting larger. Compliance and security risks grow as threats like ransomware target hospitals more and more. Smart medical devices save lives but create more network vulnerabilities and eat up bandwidth. Advances in AI could be a huge help to the medical field but aren’t actionable on a crumbling edge infrastructure.

And quite frankly, spending millions of dollars on modernizing your core data center doesn’t mean much if your network is underperforming in hospitals where care is actually provided to patients.

Everything is changing, and now is the time to upgrade network connectivity and security in unison. A full-scale network and OT refresh in a healthcare system is time consuming and challenging from both an engineering and logistical standpoint, but it can be done at both speed and scale.

Read our Healthcare Network Refresh Playbook to learn how.