• PAYMYNT Financial, a blockchain fintech start-up, buys LettucePay, an award-winning cryptocurrency paytech firm.

PAYMYNT Financial, a fintech start-up based out of Boston, Massachusetts, recently revealed its brand-new purchase.

The company has lately acquired LettucePay, an award-winning, payment technology firm with expertise in cryptocurrency payments. The acquisition with immediate effect enables PAYMYNT Financial to integrate cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as a payment method at top retail locations.

The LettucePay USP

Introduced in the pre-pandemic year (2019), LettucePay is a cryptocurrency application engineered to help merchants settle cryptocurrency amounts as USD payments for nominal transaction fees.

On the next steps, Michael Rosa, CEO of PAYMYNT Financial Group, added that team PAYMYNT will integrate LettucePay’s software with PAYMYNT Rewards, the company’s next-gen shopping rewards platform.

The CEO also commented, “Our shopping rewards platform utilizes Stellar Network’s blockchain technology. Approaching the winners of the Stellar Network Community Fund was an easy decision. Together, our team is ready to bring the benefits of blockchain to larger audiences.”

Team PAYMYNT Financial, along with the acquisition of the LettucePay app, made an exciting decision of onboarding two former LettucePay assets, Ari Mizrahi, as a full-stack engineer, and Brian Goldberg, as a Blockchain Advisor.

Important update

Starting this spring, the company makes available the PAYMYNT Rewards app for download at Apple and Samsung stores.

About PAYMYNT Financial Group

Conceived, conceptualized, and formed by a group of finance and tech-driven entrepreneurs, PAYMYNT Financial Group is a mobile commerce and financial growth company dedicated to making the online shopping experience more rewarding and improvising the financial well-being of the underserved. On the business front, PAYMYNT integrates online shopping, cryptocurrencies, digital banking, and peer-to-peer payments into an all-in-one platform.