Vevolution recently introduced an all-new fintech platform developed to connect investors with the global start-up community.

Since October 2020, the platform has been operating in the BETA phase and has more than 290 live deals available for leading investors who have made way to the platform.

The platform has already witnessed an impressive list of industry-leading investors, and the names include New Crop Capital/Unovis, Blue Horizon Corporation, and Veg Capital as a few of their founding investors. The list gets updated with new members joining every week.

The hierarchy

The platform is driven by a strong leadership team that includes Founders Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel, with Michiel van Deursen, a leading vegan investor and an extremely successful tech entrepreneur.

Michiel was formerly involved in developing and scaling several technology start-ups, including Ebay Inc, the largest classifieds ads platform in Belgium.

On the growth front, the platform has achieved rapid success driven by the strong start-up community found over the years via conducting physical events and creating media.

The company says success has been entirely organic and demonstrates the demand for the fintech platform connecting start-ups with smart money.

The founder’s note

By Vevolution Co-Founders Judy Nadel and Damien Clarkson,

“The new Vevolution platform levels the playing field and gives all startups in the plant-based and cell-based space the opportunity to speak to impact-driven investors wanting to back great founders and the companies that are changing the world. We believe in the power of entrepreneurs to transform the world, this technology is bringing people together in a democratic way that enables the best startups to shine and find their ideal partners.”

The idea behind

The mission of the platform by Vevolution works toward leveling the playing field by offering start-ups with the technology and opportunity to showcase their prowess and strike a fruitful conversation with investors interested in investing in plant-based and cell-based start-ups.

Since its inception, Vevolution has strongly been a supporter of providing equal opportunities. This is the primary reason the start-ups are given a free membership to upload their private fundraising rounds.

Important note: Vevolution is now open to investors and start-ups who can sign up now at

Vevolution investor and partner Michiel Van Deursen says, “It was time for a vegan fintech startup to emerge and build high-performance technology to accelerate the important work that startups and investors are doing to transform the economy. For me to be back in the tech-world where I originally started out is really exciting, it is merging my passion for veganism with building technology platforms to change the world.”