Enablon, a Wolters Kluwer business and a global name in Integrated Risk, Operational Risk Management (ORM) software solutions, and EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety), on April 29, 2021, got candid about Version 9.2 of its Vision Platform software. The version is engineered to aid the management of workplace risk by foreseeing and averting events.

With this updated version, large international conglomerates now have a brand-new tool to aid them with EHS guidelines, compliance, and risk management.

Laurent Dechaux, Managing Director, Wolters Kluwer Enablon, explained, “Our V9.2 has new features that will further help our customers create a world that is safe, productive, and responsible.”

He added, “V9.2 gives organizations the opportunity to break new ground in safety, sustainability, and productivity, helping enterprises stay compliant and adhere to the environment, health, and safety guidelines. By using V9.2, enterprises will see improved risk management and operational efficiency.”

Details about V9.2

V9.2 is an extension of Version 9 (2020), the pilot iteration of the Vision platform, next-generation software that combines EHS, ORM, Risk, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) functions. Additionally, the cloud-based software facilitates complete off-premises flexibility and around the world coverage, combined with improved features at an application level.

Noteworthy developments come from integrating aspects such as EHS, ORM, and Risk, and a singular UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) that confirms consistency throughout the platform to break silos between various key departments.

With Enablon empowering expert connections between processes in these domains, users benefit from new opportunities that help reduce incidents, monitor controls, and share learnings.

Rob Davis, Vice President of Product Management, Wolters Kluwer Enablon, said, “Our enterprise customers require unique configurability to adapt to their complex business processes.”

He added, “The Enablon Vision Platform is the only software in the industry that unites key domains together in one flexible, configurable solution. In V9.2, ORM clients can add Risk, EHS and amp; ESG applications to their scope, while Risk, EHS and amp; ESG customers can add ORM modules. With each release, we remain dedicated to adapting to our customers’ complex business processes based on their corporate and operational goals.”

V9.2 list of benefits include:

1. Unified user experience and one platform

The new version proposes single authentication and navigation stability across the platform by leveraging UI modernization.

2. Mobile configuration

Benefit number two enables customers, especially the ones in an asset-intensive setup such as metals and mining, oil and amp; gas, and high-tech manufacturing, to garner more data and transform paper-based processes into online processes into mobile ones.

3. Productivity

Leveraging the functionality of V9.2, operations can power productivity; for example, the new control of work mobile functionality across ORM and EHS enables workers to stay more connected in the field.

4. Domain capability enhancements:

  • Barrier Management: This element helps consolidate risks from multiple and disconnected sites to a single primary instance to empower barrier analysis and risk reduction.
  • Joint BowTie Use Cases: V9.2 supports Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) in the BowTie View and aids risk managers make more informed decisions.
  • Control of Work GIS: The geolocation functionality of V9.2 can be used to identify conflicting activities within the permit perimeter specified by a user while drafting a permit.
  • Multiple enhancements to Incident Management, Field Operations, Chemical Management, and Industrial Hygiene.

Availability terms and conditions

Version 9.2 of Vision Platform is available as an upgrade to the already existing Enablon customer list. For new customers, the version is made available as an independent solution.