• The new partner will help NICE Actimize augment cloud-native X-Sight financial crime management platform.
  • Sparkling Logic’s platform helps make the decision process easy by dealing with risk and compliance.

NICE Actimize, a company providing financial crime, risk, and compliance solutions, announced a strategic partnership with Sparkling Logic, a California-based provider of decision management systems. The new partner will help NICE Actimize augment cloud-native X-Sight financial crime management platform.

Sparkling Logic’s superior decision management platform has been developed to bring financial organizations quick delivery of NICE Actimize’s domain expertise with powerful self-service decision management capabilities.

Sparkling Logic’s platform automates decisions pertaining to risk and compliance, thus minimizing the time taken by it to adapt new insights gained from various data and market changes. The cloud-based decision-making platform uses data insights and authors’ business guidelines to define automated decisions utilizing industry-leading and patented tactics.

Driven by the security of the cloud, NICE Actimize’s X-Sight AI-powered platform scales and manages analytics and addresses complicated demands for extensibility and flexibility at scale. X-Sight also presents unlimited data from any source, intelligent automation, and extensive analytics.

When integrated with NICE Actimize’s platform, Sparkling Logic’s novel decision management technology will support financial institution consumers by making quick decisions on financial crime strategies. It will also offer the ability to view overall impact across all NICE Actimize analytics. Further, this capability enables X-Sight consumers to make more informed decisions while maximizing financial crime coverage and controlling costs.

Expert take

Carole-Ann Berlioz, Co-Founder and amp; Chief Product Officer at Sparkling Logic, Inc., said, “Growing data volume and business complexity require a faster response to escalating problems such as fraud, regulatory compliance, personalized account management, collection, and recovery.”

She added, “Our decision management technology will further enhance NICE Actimize’s powerful X-Sight platform by empowering business decisions with greater agility, visibility, and intelligence.”

Craig Costigan, CEO at Nice Actimize, said, “This technology partnership delivers our X-Sight customers more rapid development and deployment of financial crime management strategies across the broader NICE Actimize analytics ecosystem.”

He added, “We look forward to incorporating the power of Sparkling Logic’s innovations in decision management into our advanced financial crime platforms.”